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Recognizing the enormity of the challenges our society faces, HOME is dedicated to making a lasting impact through our platform. We want to celebrate international, non-citizen artist by providing a space where they can be seen, cherished, empowered and showcased. Learn more about our inspiring artists here.

Contemporary Mexican artist that addresses themes of sexuality, identity, and anthropocenic anxieties.

Franco-vietnamese multidisciplinary artist living between Paris and New York that focuses on photography and performance

Get in Touch

Italian writer that explores that leaving, staying and saying goodbye can all be revolutionary experiences
That Leaves/To Leave/To Stay

Korean artist that transforms familiar objects into sources of surprise and humor.

Bahamian filmmaker that has no fear in portraying the female experience in different stages of life.

Multi-disciplinary Venezuelan artist, actress and activist in NYC.

Multidisciplinary artist and writer from Lima, Peru that explores women and the perceptions of their bodies

With a curiosity for rebellious and conversation-starting stories, Therese Roberts is an actress, producer and artist hailing from Perth, Western Australia.

Georgian and French actress Nanouli Shevardnadze wrote and acted in, "La Boom". A one-woman show that invites us to explore family relationships, humor in sadness, and the experiences that leads us to the people we are today.

Get in Touch

More artists to come...

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