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Carolina de’ Castiglioni is an award winning actor and writer, mostly known for her performance in the complex drama Getting A Scholarship. As an artist and an immigrant, she is primarily interested in exploring the dichotomy between adapting to new cultures and preserving one's identity. Her vision has been influenced by the different places she lived in (Australia, Buenos Aires, Geneva, Paris, Milan and New York). Moving around the world taught her that diversity is the fuel of creativity.

In December 2019 she wrote, produced and starred in Syrma, a play inspired by Greek mythology and performed by an all-international cast. Carolina’s first feature film, that analyses the intergenerational relationships between women, is currently being pitched to several production companies. For HOME, she created a short tale inspired by States of Mind, a series by renown Italian futurist painter, Umberto Boccioni. 

To know more about Carolina’s work, visit her website / follow her on Instagram 

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A 30 min theatrical piece inspired by Umberto Boccioni's series, States of Mind. In 1911, Umberto Boccioni, a famous Italian futurist painter, creates the States of Mind series, a series of three paintings: Those Who Go, Those Who Stay and The Farewells. I want to bring to life the feelings and the characters represented in the paintings, passing on to the audience the message that leaving, staying and saying goodbye can all be revolutionary experiences. 

That Leaves/ To Leave /To Stay is the story of Elmo, the Nomad, Celestina, the Gardener, and Pen, the Lover, who meet for the first time at a train platform, while waiting for the  delayed train for Salzburg. Elmo is about to embark on a new adventure, Celestina is about to leave her home for the first time, and Pan just parted from their partner, their home. Their brief encounter will change the course of their lives and make them question if their trip is really worth it.

The aim of this piece is to investigate how the connection to our home and to our roots changes through life, travel and loss.

Carolina de' Castiglioni: Who We Are
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